I really enjoy the class, It’s the first time I’ve done Pilates, and I definitely feel my posture and fitness improving and in such an unthreatening environment.
— Eleanor, class participant
Lucy’s Pilates sessions have been a joy. She tailors the exercises and stretches to work on the areas that need most attention. She has helped me to restore the mobility of my lower back and greatly improved my posture, enabling me to continue kayaking and cycling with renewed energy despite my age.
— Philip, 1-1 client
I really can’t recommend Lucy highly enough. You feel very comfortable with her and she is very professional and inspirational. I first came to see Lucy after having my hips adjusted and there was a big weakness around my core and pelvis. Lucy worked one-to-one with me ensuring the workout was targeting the areas I needed most and, more importantly, she always checked to see that my pelvis was in the right position so that I was getting the most out of the exercises and not doing myself any harm.

The effect of pilates has been incredible at relieving my pain that I wouldn’t be without pilates now. Lucy is an excellent teacher and she makes the sessions relaxing as well as challenging. Since having one-to-one sessions I now attend a weekly class and Lucy still has time within the class to check my and other class member’s positions to ensure we are on the right track.
— Elizabeth, 1-1 participant
Lucy’s classes are a delight. She gives clear instruction and has a lovely gentle demeanour, which I find very calming. This is easily the most enjoyable way to do Pilates that I have found.
— Alice, Class participant
Lucy has taught me for the past 7 years first of all teaching me contemporary dance then staring me off with Pilates. Her gentle but very clear teaching skills helped me to find my deep postural muscles and to understand how to work them efficiently, helping me with posture and ease of movement.
— Christine, 1-1 client
Lucy’s classes flow with the ease of her knowledge and skills. She welcomes you, is attentive to individual needs and before you know it you are making progress. Classes are calming but at the same time you work hard. I would say that it’s the combination of Lucy’s knowledge, experience and personality that make her classes such a pleasure to attend.
— Vivian, class participant
Cairngorm Pilates Highlands Scotland Lucy Boyes
I have always found Lucy’s classes to soothe not only my soul but my poor injured back also. I find I have less pain and my posture is so much better too.
— Elano, class participant
I really enjoy Lucy’s classes. I always feel relaxed but also that I’m working really hard!
— Jenny, class participant
I am in my mid-sixties and was not in great shape. I have been going to pilates for over a year now and am feeling so much stronger. Lucy is a really fantastic teacher with a lovely calm manner and individual attention given to everyone where needed. Classes were fun but challenging. Great progression throughout course and no two sessions are the same. Absolutely recommend.
— Hilda, class participant
I started seeing Lucy over two years ago when a surgeon suggested Pilates may help to manage arthritic pain in my hips. I had previously tried physiotherapy and acupuncture but have found the weekly one -to -one sessions with Lucy much more beneficial. The exercises help to maximise core strength, improve posture and, in my case, strengthen the muscles surrounding my hips and back. The movements are precise and do require complete concentration. Lucy is very patient , encouraging and careful and her sessions are always tailored for my condition. There is no doubt in my mind that i have benefited hugely from my sessions with Lucy and I fully intend to continue with Pilates as a lifestyle choice.
— Dorothy, 1-1 client